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2017 - Year in Review

Looking back at 2017. The members responded to 480 calls for service.


2016 - Year in Review

A brief look at 2016. The department responded to 490 calls, which is a slight increase over 2015.


2014 - Year in Review

Sharing some memories from 2014. Dept handled 504 responses throughout the year.


2013 - Year in Review

Our brief look back at the year that was 2013.


2012 Year in Review

This look back at 2012 was done as a collaboration of many 112 members. Their teamwork is highlighted both in the video as well as in its production. We hope you enjoy.


Outside Props Class @ LCCC, Oct 2012

Station 112 took in some training with area departments at the LCCC training facility. Crews tackled several different scenarios, all of which included live fire. Just a short clip of crews working to extinguish a over-flowing vessel.


Inagural Softball Tournament - 2012

A short look back at the weekend that was our Inagural Softball Tournament. A good time was had by all and we thank everyone who played, sponsored or attended the event. We look forward to making this a yearly event.


125th Anniversay

In celebration of our 125th Anniversary, we put together this picture show that takes us back to years gone by.


Stephenson St WSF, Jan 2012

Working structure fire on Stephenson St in Duryea that occurred January 2012. Video compliments of Germania FD, Station 126.


Highlights of 2010 ~ 2011

A short picture show of our many activities from 2010 and 2011.


Mock Accident - Dupont - Oct. 2011

Station 112 was invited to participate in a mock accident for the Dupont Crime Watch. The accident would see one driver arrested under suspicion of DUI, while Engine 125 & Rescue 112 would extricate other victims from the wreckage.


2009 - Our Look Back

For the first time in recent memory, our call volume has slightly decreased. While we are glad to see the need for our services somewhat reduced, it was still a busy year for your volunteers.

Tedrick St., Pittston Twp.

This fire broke out on Tuesday, May 26, 2009. Originally called in as a dryer fire with extension into the kitchen, crews found fire throughout the first and second floors of the double block home. Video courtesy of the 112 Junior Firefighters.

Recruitment Video

A short glimpse into our department. Take a few moments to view the video then check out our membership page. We are always looking for new volunteer members.

Old Exeter Ave.

This fire occured on Mother's Day, 2009. Crews initially battled low water pressure, which they overcame by brining additional companies to the scene. The fire would claim the life of a 72 yr. old resident.

2008 - Never a Dull Moment

Our look back at 2008. It proved to be our busiest year ever, so the video highlights the places we've visited as well as our more memorable experiences.

North St. - West Pittston

This fire tore through a West Pittston home the day after Christmas (12.26.2008). The video shows 112 members laddering the front of the building and completing ventilation of the upper floors.

2007 - Year in Review

Look back at 2007. Includes some pictures from our memorable gasoline tanker fire on I-81.

Makin' Headlines Video

Over the years, some of our incidents have made headlines. Thus the video's title. This video chronicles some of our responses from the early '90s to 2005.

Gasoline Tanker Fire

Footage of the Gasoline Tanker Truck fire that occured on Interstate 81.

Putting the Fire Out

Same Tanker truck fire, but shows crews using two 1.75" foam lines to extinguish the blaze.

Old Mill Rd - Jenkins Twp

House fire in Jenkins Twp. Early footage was taken before the first engine arrived. Rescue 112 would handle the RIT assignment.

Audio: Duryea Fatal Fire

This is an audio file of a fatal fire that occured in the 1300 block of Main St. in Duryea. Engine 112 would be first due at this fire.

Diner Fire - Main St. Avoca

This fire would gut two Main St. businesses on a cold winter's night. As Engine 112 arrived, the fire was already extending 20ft out into the street.

Ride with Rescue 112

Ride along with Rescue 112 as it responds to a motor vehicle accident on Davis St, Moosic.

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