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Training & First Due Box

Photo courtesy R112

12.29.2011 - Thursday night, the crews took to the 100 block of Main St for some roof training and saw work on a garage donated to the department. Members were able to complete several evolutions of roof operations and moved onto opening the garage door when a first due structure assignment was dispatched, sending crews to the 200 block of Grove St for the reported bedroom fire.

With crews only two blocks away,the Engine, Rescue and Chief all arrived within two minutes of dispatch.

Engine 112 arrived to find nothing showing from the exterior. Homeowners met the crew outside stating they had a fire in the upstairs bedroom. Crews found a small fire from an extension cord burning into the room's carpet. Rescue 112 would handle ventilation and utility checks in the basement. The extension cord and a small portion of the room's rug would be removed to the exterior before crews would pick up and return to service.



Sunday Crash Injures One

Photo courtesy D. Hudzinski, Sr.

12.11.2011 - Rescue 112, Engine 125 and EMS 566 responded to the intersection of William St with Highway 315 for a two car MVA Sunday with injuries. PD arrived and reported possibly two MVAs due to the involved vehicles being so far apart.

Crews arrived to find one female patient ambulatory complaining of minor injuries. Crews stabilized the vehicle, which was off the roadway before heading down the highway to assess the second vehicle.

Crews would handle a the large amount of downed fluids before returning to service. EMS 566 transported the female patient to a Scranton hospital.



Another Commercial Fire in Pittston Twp.

Photo courtesy Ladder 226

11.8.2011 - For the second time in a week, crews would rush into the Grimes Industrial park for a commercial structure fire. Pittston Twp engine 3 was first arriving, reporting smoke showing from the large building. A second alarm would immediately be transmitted.

The fire originated in a baler machine, in the building's A/D corner. 112 Engine provided two hi rise packs and began assisting the Twp. crews with suppression efforts.

As additional crews arrived, extension was noted in the ceiling area approximately 75' from the main body of fire. Additional lines would be deployed as crews worked to contain the running fire. In all, the fire would go multiple alarms, bringing in units from Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.



112 Operates at Commercial Fire

Photo courtesy D. Hudzinski

11.3.2011 - Engine & Chief 112 responded on a first alarm to a commercial structure fire at the Maui Cup plant on Commerce Rd in Pittston Twp early Thursday morning. Crews arrived to find heavy smoke showing from the roof area, with smoke throughout the plant and the sprinklers activated.

Engine 112 would initially be tasked with stretching a large area search line into the facility in hopes of finding the seat of the fire. However, due to concerns with the roofs stability, command backed the units out and re-assigned the crews.

112 would take two high-rise packs to the roof via Ladder 226, and begin extinguishing the large amount of fire showing from the roof area, while supporting the Duryea Ladder as they handled the trench cut.

112 would operate for more then three hours before being released by Command. In all, the fire would go 4 alarms, bringing in units from across Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. Special thanks to Dickson City Ladder 23 for relocating to the 112 house for the duration of the incident.



October Snow keeps 112 Busy

10.30.2011 - A freak October snow storm, which dumped 4-6" of snow across the valley, kept crews busy on Saturday. The first call came in before the flakes even fell, sending R112 to I476 for a motor vehicle crash. Once the snow came, crews ran continuously.

Station 112 would log 11 calls total during the 24 hour period, with the majority being weather related: transformer fires, trees down and high tension power lines down across I 81. In addition to those, 112 would respond to several automatic fire alarms during the course of the day. The last call would be for a gas leak in the vicinity of Valley Meat & Deli on Main St.



Duryea Shed Fire

10.23.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 responded Sunday night to assist Duryea FD with a working shed fire on New St. 911 indicated that they received several calls, and Duryea Asst Chief arrived to confirm the fire.

Engine 126 would secure their own supply and handle suppression, while Ladder 226 and Rescue 112 would handle the truck duties. Crews operated for about an hour before being released by Duryea Command.



Fall Victim Removed from Roof

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

10.22.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 would respond to assist Avoca EMS & Medic 303 on Valley St. with a fall victim. Capt Halagarda arrived to find a male who fell from an upper roof onto the home's porch roof, suffering from a broken leg.

EMS would triage and package the patient while the rescue company setup for the removal. The roof company's ladders would be removed and replaced with fire service ladders. The stokes would be rigged for lowering and three ladders would be placed together for lowering purposes.

Resuce 112 would be assisted by Duryea Ladder 226 during the removal. The patient was safely brought down and care was fully transferred to EMS.



E112 runs Coxton Rd Vehicle Fire

Photo courtesy Engine 126

10.13.2011 - Duryea Fire along with the Avoca Engine would be dispatched to a vehicle fire on Coxton Road. The vehicle would be located in the narrows section of Coxton Road with Police reporting a working fire.

The 126 Engine arrived and pulled a 1 3/4 attack line and began hitting the fire. The 112 Engine would arrive and assist in opening up the vehicle while also supplying the 126 Engine with water. The 226 Ladder arrived and completed overhaul of the vehicle.

Crews would make quick work of the fire and be put back in service under 30 minutes.



Daytime Run into Old Forge

10.8.2011 - Chief & Engine 112 would run into Old Forge to assist with a working vehicle fire threatening a building. Chief 93 arrived to find a fully involved fire with a detached garage as the exposure. Engine 93-3 would secure their own water supply and begin the initial hit.

Engine 112 would support the hydrant and our crews would assist in overhaul as well as helping out with picking up the lines.

Crews would operate about 40 minutes before returning to service.



Flooding in Duryea - Part II

9.11.2011 - Rescue 112 would again head into Duryea to assist with the recovery efforts from the recent flooding. Crews put in nearly a 12 hour shift, from departure to cleanup on Saturday. 112 would work the lower Main St area, which was hit very hard by the flooding.

On Sunday, after the Sept 11th Memorial Mass, the gang would change from dress uniforms back into our flood gear and once again load up the pumps. We'd spend another 7 hours again working the Main and Chittenden Sts, where many homes took water up to the 2nd floor. Until you see the devastation up close, its difficult to truly understand what these people are enduring. We continue to keep all in our thoughts and prayers.

Finally, we need to give a shout out to all the companies from out of the local area who volunteered to come and assist with the efforts. The support has been awesome. And to our brothers in Duryea, you guys have done an outstanding job. Your community should be proud of your efforts and in some instances, your willingness to put aside your own personal damages to continue serving the community. GREAT JOB!!!



Flooding in Duryea

9.10.2011 - As we cleared a fire in Pittston Thursday night, the radio traffic from Duryea told the story - water had topped the levee and those waters would ravage much of the borough. At times, Duryea FD was measuring water rising at 11' every 20 minutes. Many didn't have time to adequately prepare as they hastily left their homes.

On Friday, R112 would head over to assist our neighbors. Bringing all boro pumps along, the 112 crew would be assigned to work in the River St area. 112 would setup pump after pump, moving from one home to another to begin moving water. We assisted homeowners who rented their own pumps, but couldn't get them running. In general, we provided whatever support we could.

The gang plans to re-group and head back Saturday morning if needed. In the meantime, we keep all in our thoughts and prayers as we recognize the long road many have ahead of them.

To our friends in both Duryea and West Pittston FDs who have personally been impacted, we are here for you. If there is anything we can do to assist you or your families, we are just a call away.



Basement Fire - Mill St.- Pittston

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

8.29.2011 - Rescue & Chief 112 responded as a first alarm company to Mill St in Pittston City to assist with a structure fire. Pittston crews arrived to find heavy fire conditions throughout the basement of the multiple occupancy building.

While city crews made a push into the basement, R112 would control utilities, force exterior doors, and assist in laddering the building. Crews would hold fast as the RIT unit for the duration of the incident, that would go to two alarms before being brought under control.

Chief 112 would assist with accountability.



Attic Fire - Maple St West Pittston

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

8.23.2011 - Rescue 112 responded to assist West Pittston FD on Maple St for a working structure fire with reported entrapment. Initial responders were told that a male ran into the home and handn't come out. All searches would prove negative.

R112 would initially work to establish RIT, controlling both the electrical and gas utilities and forcing entry into the home's basement. A short time into the incident, the primary attack line failed, and R112 would be asked to assist in getting a second line into service. Crews would hook ceilings and assist in extinguishing the many hotspots.

Crews would operate for close to two hours before being released by Command.



Car Lands on Plane St.
Photo courtesy B. Leffler

8.18.2011 - Station 112 responded to an early MVA on Plane St in Avoca with injuries. Original dispatch info indicated a car on its roof that came off Interstate 81. Crews arrived to find one male patient, self extricated with minor injuries. R112 crews would provide scene lighting for the multitude of PD units and control the scene hazards.

This isn't the first time a vehicle has left Interstate 81 and came to rest on Plane St. Over the years, we've had several cars and a tractor trailer all attempt the same feat. Unfortunately, not all of those incidents had the same outcome for the occupants. For this morning's incident, we're glad to say that the vehicle suffered the most serious injuries.



Dog Days of Summer are Here
Accident I81 Southbound

7.16.2011 - As the days of summer heat up, the department has been keeping busy with numerous responses. Early Friday morning, we'd start the day assisting EMS on McAlpine St. Later on in the day, the Rescue and Chief would respond to a two car accident on I81 Southbound (pictured above) with injuries. Shortly after clearing the Interstate, crews would be called on to assist Duryea FD with an AFA at the Frank Crossin Towers.

The evening would end with an accident on McAlpine St with a utility pole severed and lines across the roadway. Saturday afternoon, Station 112 would send a full response to assist Old Forge FD with a structure fire in a S. Main St laundromat. E112 would stage at the hydrant for secondary water supply while the Engine and Rescue crews teamed up to head to the roof to check for extension. Crews would operate at the fire for close to an hour before returning.

With this week's forecast calling for hot, humid weather each day, we hope things quite down some.



112 Due on City Structure Fire
Photo courtesy CitizensVoice.com

7.14.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 responded to a mid morning structure fire on E. Columbus Ave in Pittston City. Crews arrived to find smoke showing from a two family dwelling, finding fire above the ceiling on the second floor D side residence.

R112 would work along side Jenkins Ladder throwing multiple ground ladders and making entry into the basement to control the electrical service. 112 would then setup the RIT staging area while Chief VanLuvender initiated fireground accountability.

The fire would be held to one alarm and crews would operate for close to 90 minutes before picking up and returning to service.



R112 Runs a Technical Rescue
Photo courtesy CitizensVoice.com

6.28.2011 - Rescue 112 responded with the county's Tech Rescue Team into a remote section of Salem Twp, for a rope rescue. A female patient fell off a swing at the waterfalls in the state game lands, suffering head and back injuries.

Crews accessed the site and used a haul system before packaging the patient and begin trekking out of the wilderness. Newport Twp FD would utilize their wilderness unit to transport the patient out to awaiting EMS units.

The patient would be transported to GMC Danville via Lifeflight.



Rescue Assists with Laflin Entrapment

6.25.2011 - Rescue 112 responded to assist Laflin & Jenkins Twp. FDs on I81 South with a two car mva with entrapment. R112 arrived to find Jenkins at work with their hydraulics on a SUV that was rolled over onto its driver's side. The Rescue would be tasked with stabilization and to assist with roof removal.

R112 would place two airshore struts and several pieces of cribbing into service to complete stabilization. eDraulic cutters would be used to cut the rear posts and complete a relief cut so the roof could be folded down to complete the extrication pathway. 112 personnel would assist in removing the pt and transferring care to EMS.

In all, several patients would be transported to Wilkes-Barre and Scranton trauma centers.



Duryea Commercial Structure Fire
Photo courtesy Hughestown FD

6.12.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 responded to Clarks Rd. in Duryea Borough Sunday afternoon for a working commercial structure fire. As crews were responding, 911 indicated that PD were on scene with smoke and fire showing. Chief Hughes arrived reporting smoke from the roof, with fire in the building's kitchen area.

E126 arrived, securing their own water supply before setting up attack one. The L226 crew forced entry and supported the engine crew with locating the fire and checking for extension. R112 worked off L226, handling roof ventilation and exterior ground ladders.

Crews would quickly bring the fire under control. Units were assisted by E143, E166, L184 and E933 from Lackawanna county.



112 Clears the House for Twp. Dwelling Fire
Photo courtesy WNEP.com

6.7.2011 - The Chief, Engine & Rescue responded to a working dwelling fire on Zielger Rd in Pittston Twp Tuesday night. Inital 911 reports indicated a working fire in the rural section of the Township.

First arriving crews confirmed a working fire in a 25 x 75 residential trailer. With first due engines arriving dry, E112 was tasked with laying the supply line for the tanker operation. Capt 112 would be the water supply officer. The remainder of the 112 crews would go to work manning hose lines and overhauling debris.

Crews would operate for more than 2 hours before picking up. The home would be a total loss.

On the box: Pittston Twp Engines, Duryea Engine & Ladder, Hughestown Engine, Laflin Engine, Bear Creek Tanker, Thornhurst Tanker, Springbrook tanker and various EMS units.



Engine Assists w Moosic Attic Fire
Photo courtesy Greenwoodfiredept.com

5.29.2011 - Shortly before 9pm Sunday night, Stations 98 & 93 would be sent to the 200 Blk of Walnut St in the Borough for a reported structure fire. Chiefs 98 & 93 both arrived to find a smoke conidition emitting from the home's attic space. Command 98 would request the SRN, bringing Engine & Chief 112 into the scene.

Engine 933 would grab the hydrant and stretch Attack one, with Engine 98 handling the back up line.. Engine 112 arrived and was placed right to work, tasked with hooking ceilings to check for extension of the fire. 112 would work Division one, "A" and "B" side of the structure. Crews would operate for close to an hour before being released by Command 98.



112 Assists 98 with Truck Roll Over
Photo courtesy G. Halagarda

5.14.2011 - With Rescue 112 out of service at a training session, Engine 112 would be called upon to assist Station 98 with a dump truck rollover on Birney Ave with reported entrapment.

112 crews arrived on the scene and under direction of Chief 98, assisted in patient packaging and some hazard control before clearing the scene. 112 Fire Police would also be on the scene to lend a hand with traffic control until the large vehicle could be uprighted.



R112 Assists Pittston Twp w MVA
Photo courtesy D. Hudzinski

5.10.2011 - R112 responded to assist Pittston Twp FD with an early morning accident on Highway 315 in front of McDonalds. Initial dispatch information indicated a 2 car accident with ejection. Based on that information, additional EMS units would be added to the incident.

R112 would provide scene lighting, assist with patient packaging before assisting Pittston Twp Engine with controlling hazards.



R112 Responds on Ransom MVA

5.9.2011 - R112 along with Avoca EMS were dispatched to assist Lackawanna County Station 8 with a motor vehicle accident with multiple injuries and fire early Monday evening. The accident occurred on Dark Region Rd, just off the Newton-Ransom Blvd.

Station 8 arrived to find one vehicle on fire with a second vehicle rolled over into a tree. Engine 8 extinguished the blaze while multiple Lackawanna & Luzerne EMS units would treat and transport seven victims to Scranton hospitals. Several of the victims would suffer burns, with an infant non surving the accident. PSP and Lackawanna corner's office would also be on scene.

R112 assisted with hazard control and would remain on the scene for two hours before returning



Rescue Responds to Walnut St. MVA
Photo courtesy R-112

5.9.2011 - Crews would start the work week early Monday, responding to the 800 block of Walnut St for a motor vehicle accident. Avoca PD initially responded as first reports indicated no injuries. Rescue & EMS would be added once PD arrived and confirmed one female patient in need for medical evaluation.

R112 arrived to find the patient already under EMS care. The vehicle would be located at the bottom of a drainage culvert. R112 assessed the damage and confirmed no fluids leaking. Crews stood by until the vehicle could safely be returned to the roadway.

The female patient would be transported to a local hospital by Avoca EMS and Medic 303.



Pittston City Apt. Fire
Photo courtesy R-112

5.6.2011 - Station 112 would send the Chief & Rescue Co. into Pittston for a structure fire at the Apollo Apartments, on S. Main St. in the City. Pittston crews arrived to find smoke showing from the top floor, rear of the building.

Pittston crews setup to stretch attack 1, while also rescuing one occupant from the burning apartment. That victim would be transported to Geisinger Wyoming Valley with serious injuries.

The fire would quickly be extingiushed in the room of origin. R112 would split crews, with several members assisting with the secondary search, while the remainder of the team setup RIT operations. Chief 112 would be tasked with setting up the command post and undertaking accountability.

R112 would remain on the scene for a hour before being released by Chief Rooney. In all, more than 50 residents would be displaced by the blaze.



Tractor Trailer Rolls Over on I-81
Photo courtesy B. Leffler

4.20.2011 - 112 crews would start their day early on Wednesday, responding to I81 near exit 178 for a tractor trailer overturned with reported entrapment. While crews were gathering, 911 updated the information, relaying that the driver was alert and self extricating.

Crews arrived to find a tandem trailer truck overturned into the median. Besides bulk paint containers, there were no hazardous materials in the load. Crews would manage the scene and traffic until PSP - Wyoming could arrive. R112 and E125 would return to service in about 35 minutes.



Engine Due on Old Forge Structure Fire
Photo courtesy Hughestown Fire

4.19.2011 - E-112 responded into Old Forge to assist with a residential fire Tuesday afternoon. Chief 98 arrived and reported a working fire confined to the attached garage.

Ladder 93 arrived and went to work, conducting the primary search and extension checks. E-112 took the hydrant in front of the address and placed attack 1 into service. The fire would be quickly extinguished, limiting the damage to the garage and basement areas. Crews operated for 90 minutes before picking up



Damaging Storms Roll thru the Area
Photo courtesy G. Halagarda

4.16.2011 - Dangerous storms rolled through the Northeast this past weekend, leaving a trail of damage behind. Station 112 was out during the height of the storm, investigating a reported building collapse on Mill St. Crews arrived at the former Lunox building to find the rear masonry wall had collapsed and large portions of the roof missing. Crews confirmed that there are no utilities connected to the building before securing the site and notifying Borough officials.

That wasn't the only damage in town. Crews found trees down into homes, cable lines down across roadways and roof shingles just about everywhere. Pictured is the Lunox building.



Tractor Trailers Collide on Turnpike
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

4.12.2011 - Shortly after clearing a Moosic structure box, R112 would run up to I 476 Southbound at the 108 mile stick for an accident with injuries. While enroute, 512 EMS would provide an update of one patient with facial injuries.

R112 arrived to find a rear end type collision involving two tractor trailers. All occupants were self extricated. Crews then focused on handling the large amount of fluids on the ground. R112 would be assisted by Pittston Twp Engine. I476 would be closed for more than an hour until the wreckage could be cleared.



Rollover on 81 Disrupts Training
Photo courtesy R-112

4.7.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 responded Thursday night to assist Dupont FD on I81 Southbound for a vehicle rollover with unknown injuries. Crews would quickly respond from the Building Construction class being held at Station 112.

Crews arrived to find the patient self extricated. 112 crews would assist with traffic control and hazard mitigation. Crews would then return to the 112 house to resume the training class.

A few short hours later, crews would again respond to the same area, this time in the Northbound lane for a two car accident.


Car into Convenient
Photo courtesy R-112

3.28.2011 - 911 dispatched the vehicle rescue box Monday afternoon for a car into the Convenient Mini Mart with injuries. Chief 112 was first arriving and reported one vehicle into the store with structural damage.

Rescue 112 arrived and assessed the building damage, while EMS assessed the one patient. Crews would assist store personnel with cleaning up after the vehicle had been removed. This marks the second time in recent memory that a vehicle has struck this storefront.



Main St. Wreck w/ Confinement
Photo courtesy B. Leffler

3.27.2011 - The Chief & Rescue responded to a dinner time accident at the intersection of McAlpine & Main Streets. Crews arrived to find a two car T-bone style accident with one female patient confined in her vehicle. Avoca EMS would be first arriving and already established patient contact, confirming injuries.

R112 arrived and stablized both vehicles and controlled the vehicle's power before using hydraulic spreaders to forcibly open the driver's door. With the door open, crews assisted in immobilizing and removing the patient. E-125 would have a 1.75" line deployed throughout the brief operation. Crews would operate for 20 minutes before returning to service.


Multiple Car Fires in Old Forge
Photo courtesy WNEP.COM

3.4.2011 - Chief & Engine 112 responded to assist Old Forge FD with multiple vehicle fires in an Orchard St neighborhood. Originally dispatched as a structure fire, Chief 93 arrived to find several cars burning several hundred feet apart with no structural involvement.

E112 was 3rd due engine and assigned to vehicle #3. Ladder 93 would hit the fire with their extinguishers while 112 crews stretched their attack line. The 112 crew completed extinguishment in a few minutes.

The fires are currently under investigation by Old Forge PD.



Pittston Twp. Structure Fire
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp EMS

2.5.2011 - Chief & Rescue 112 responded on a first alarm assignment for a working fire on Broad St in Pittston Twp shortly after 2am. As units were responding,166 Chief A arrived and reported a working detached shed fire w attached carport to the rear of the residence.

Pittston Twp Engine would be first due, with Pittson City and Laflin Engines handling primary water supply. R112 would assist crews with truck operations, opening the rear of the involved shed and assisting w overhaul.

Crews would find the shed and carport both filled to capacity with belongings, making overhaul extensive and difficult. Crews would operate for more than 2 hours before returning to service.



McAlpine St. Structure Fire

2.4.2011 - Rescue & Engine 112 assisted Duryea FD with a residential structure fire on McAlpine St Friday morning. R112 along w Engine 143 would be first arriving, finding heavy fire throughout the rear of the large single family home.

R112 split crews, laddering the A & B sides of the building and initating outside ventilation. The interior crew assisted Engine 143 with ventilation and locating the first floor fire.

Crews encountered heavy fire on the 2nd floor and in the home's attic space. The fire would go 2 alarms before being completely extinguished. 112 crews would assist with overhaul operations for about 2 hours before returning to service.



Saturday Brings Rollover & Structure Fire
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

1.22.2011 - As it had for the first part of the month, the cold weather brought with it more runs for the 112 gang. The first call would come in around 3am for a MVA on I81 in Dupont. Later in the day, R112 would respond to Pittston Twp for the activated fire alarm.

A few moments after clearing the AFA, the Rescue would head up to I-476 for a vehicle rollover with injuries. R112 arrived to find the vehicle upright with multiple patients on scene. Crews would stabilize the vehicle and hyperextend the driver's door. Rescue personnel would then assist with patient packaging assisted by E-125 and EMS 512 until additional 2nd & 3rd due EMS units could arrive on scene.

Later on in the afternoon, R112 would respond to assist Duryea FD with a structure fire on Phoenix St. The fire would quickly be brought under control by Duryea units, with Rescue 112 assisting in ventilation.


Rescue Assists w/ Industrial Accident
Photo courtesy J. McMahon

1.19.2011 - With snow falling, Rescue 112 responded to assist Duryea FD & EMS with a male trapped in a conveyor belt in the Coxton Rail yard early Wednesday morning. Units arrived to find a male patient on top of a grain truck with his arm trapped in the conveyor belt. The unit was turned off prior to the arrival of emergency units and crews would ensure the power remained off.

Crews cut the belt away to relieve pressure on the patient's hand, while the arm itself would remain between two rollers. Crews disassembled a hydraulic rod, which allowed the tip of the conveyor to open and provide additional access. Several attempts would be made to move the rollers and relieve pressure, but crews weren't able to gain enough movement to free the arm. Rescue 98 arrived and deploy their one and three ton airbags. The bags were quickly placed between the rollers and enough movement was gained to free the patient.

L226 would then be used to lower the patient to the ground to awaiting EMS crews. Total extrication time was 39 minutes from R112 arrival.


Rescue Assists Pittston Twp w/ Entrapment
Photo courtesy Bobby Evans

1.15.2011 - Shortly after 9pm, R112 responded to assist Pittston Twp fire with a vehicle under a parked trailer on Rt 315 by the Pilot truckstop. Crews arrived to find a SUV under the front portion of a parked trailer, with the sole occupant heavily entrapped. Rescue 166 would initiate rescue ops by tackling the driver's side of the vehicle.

With the trailer's dolly wheels lifted off the ground due to the impact, R112 would initially handle stabilization duties. The trailer was found to contain a partial load of Class B fireworks, so crews deployed a handline from R166. R112 would also assist in setting up the airbag system for a potential lifting operation as well as widening the passenger side opening.

Crews would remain on the scene for more than 90 minutes before returning to service. Once back at the station, R112 & E112 would respond to York Ave for a pedestrian struck by a car. Crews arrived to find a male down in the roadway and initiated patient care until EMS units could arrive.


Cold Weather Keeping Crews Busy

(January 2010) January has been a cold, snowy month for NEPA. That weather has been keeping local crews quite busy. At the month's halfway point, 112 has already logged 27 responses.

At the height of the recent snowstorm, 112 would send a full response to Commerce Rd in Pittston Twp for the commercial structure fire. Engine 112 was first arriving along w 166 Chief to find a small fire burning on the exterior of the building. Later on, during the overnight hours, Engine & Chief 112 would assist Old Forge FD with a basement fire on Milwaukee Ave. The Old Forge crews quickly extiniguished the blaze and 112 crews would assist with ventilating the structure.

Thursday morning would have first alarm units respond to a McAlpine St business for an activated fire alarm. Engine 112 crews would make entry using they department's knox key system to find a moderate smoke condition throughout the building. A furnace malfunction was blamed for the smoke and crews would spend a half hour ventilating the building.

With the local forecast calling for more cold weather, local departments expect to stay busy.

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