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Three New Year's Eve Crashes

(12/31/2009) Three overnight wrecks would keep the 112 Rescue crews busy on New Year's Eve. The first accident occured in the 100 block of Main St in Duryea. As crews were gathering, the rescue was placed back in service by Duryea command.

At 3:30am, the mva box was dispatched to I81 @ the Avoca Exit for the vehicle rollover with injuries. Crews arrived to find a vehicle in the roadway that rolled over several times. Upon arrival, all patients were out of the vehicle and being attended to by EMS.

As crews were mopping up the Interstate wreck, 911 advised the rescue of a rollover w entrapment in the 400 block of Main St. The Rescue and Dupont Engine would respond from the second accident to find a passenger vehicle that hit a tree before rolling over onto its roof. With the driver still in the vehicle, crews went to work stabilizing the car and beginning the extrication. Crews would have the patient out within 10 minutes and transfer medical care to Medic 303.

Head-on Crash - Main St.

(12/15/2009) The Rescue & EMS were sent to the 200 block of Main St for a mid morning head on crash with reported injuries. EMS arrived shortly after dispatch and advised Rescue of patient confinement and the need to have a door opened. Pittston Twp EMS would then be requested to assist with the muliple injuries on scene.

Rescue 112 arrived and began vehicle stabilization and patient protection before using the hydraulic spreaders to forcibly open the driver's door to create a removal pathway. Care would then be transferred to EMS, while the Rescue group then focused on handling the downed fluids.

Special thanks to the covering "Lt." who lent his time and expertise.

Photo courtesy R. Searfoss

SUV vs School Bus - Main St.

(12/14/2009) Shortly before 8am, Rescue 112, Engine 125, EMS 512 and Medic 303 would be sent to Main St and the Heidelberg Bridge for an accident with unkonwn injuries. EMS would be first arriving, updating Rescue that one driver was confined in the vehicle.

Rescue 112 arrived to find an SUV t-boned by a school bus, which had no children on board. The SUV driver was still in the vehicle being attended to by EMS personnel.

Rescue 112, with assistance from Engine 125, would stabilize the vehicle and provide patient protection with a short board and blanket before beginning extrication. Using the hydraulic spreaders, the driver's door would be completely removed, providing the needed pathway to remove the victim. Care would be transferred to EMS. No additional services would be needed and the Rescue would return to service.

Dupont Attic Fire

12/10/2009) The Chief & Rescue responded into Dupont Boro for the residential structure fire Thursday night. 112 units would be first arriving, with the Rescue assuming 1st due truck duties. Crews made their way into the attic, to find fire burning between the attic floor and second floor ceiling. Crews also encountered fire burning across the building's roof. Using two water extinguishers, crews were able to hold the fire in check until the engine companies could get attack lines in place.

Chief VanLuvender would assist by handling operations, while additional 112 members headed to the roof. Crews would operate for more than an hour to extinguish the blaze.
Photo courtesy R 112

Main St. Kitchen Fire

(12/8/2009) Members were spending a quiet evening selling Christmas trees, when a neighbor ran into the station frantically reporting her apartment was on fire in the buidling across the street. Chief 112 would immediately request a full structure assignment from Luzerne County 911, while one of the firefighters grabbed a dry chem and worked on controlling the blaze.

Engine 112 would arrive shortly thereafter, with crews containing the fire and begin checking for extension. With assistance from Rescue 112 and Duryea Ladder, crews would force entry into several adjoining apartments to confine extension and begin ventilation.

Crews operated for more than an hour. One firefighter would suffer an ankle injury during the operation. No other injuries were reported.

Truck Wreck on I-81

11/24/2009) A single vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer would snarl mid day traffic for several hours. Originally dispatched as an accident with confinement, Duryea Ladder and Rescue 98 would be added for manpower.

Rescue 112 would arrive, confirming no patient confinement. However, large amounts of diesel fuel were down on the roadway with additional fuel leaking from the remaininng saddle tank. Rescue 98 would continue in to assist with hazard control, while the Duryea Ladder would return to service.

Rescue 112, along with the Dupont Engine, would use a containment pool to capture the leaking fluids before using 600 lbs of oil dry and haz mat socks to control the downed fluids. EMS would transport the truck's driver to a local hospital with minor injuries. The truck's trailer was carrying packed cardboard.
Photo courtesy R 112

Crews Quickly Douse Grove St Blaze

(11/22/2009) Crews made quick work of a Sunday evening fire at the Grove St. home. Chief 112, along w PD arrived to find smoke showing from the second floor of the home. Engine 112 would arrive, securing their own water supply.

Crews stretched a 1.75" line upstairs and quickly extinguished a fire in the bathroom wall. With assistance from Duryea Ladder, crews began overhaul and make access into the attic space to ensure no extension. Germania Engine grabbed a secondary water supply and stretched the backup line.

Crews operated for a little more than an hour before being returned to service.
Photo courtesy T. Matthews Jr.

William St Garage Hit by Flames

11/6/2009) The first alarm structure assignment was dispatched around 6pm for a confirmed structure fire on South St. Luzerne 911 would quickly update the info to be a detached garage in the 900 block of William St.

112 Engine would drop the supply line from Vine & William, arriving to find a one story garage with smoke showing. Crews found fire burning in the roof and rafter area, in the rear of the building. A handline was deployed, quickly knocking the flames down. 112 Command would hold the Avoca units as well as the Duryea Ladder. The remainder of the box was returned to service.

112 units would remain on the scene for a time dousing hot spots and overhauling the roof area. Fire appears to have originated in a wood stove.
Photo courtesy Leslie Butler

Blaze Damages Jenkins Home

(11/5/2009) The Chief & Rescue responded for an early morning blaze on Mitchell St in Jenkins Twp. PD were first arriving, reporting all occupants accounted for, and a working fire on the scene. Jenkins Engine would arrive and take the address, with Pittston City laying the supply line.

Crews began battling the stubborn blaze while the 112 crews setup the RIT group, handling ladders, forcibily entry as well as controlling the gas utilities. Crews would remain in the scene for more than two hours before being released by Command.

Jenkins Twp, Pittston City, Avoca and Pittston Twp. FDs all responded to the fire.

Photo courtesy WNEP-16

Former Duryea Pub Hit by Flames

10/18/2009) A Sunday night fire heavily damaged a vacant Duryea Pub. First alarm companies were dispatched for the possible commercial structure fire, with Duryea EMS quickly arriving and reporting smoke showing from the exterior of the building.

The two Duryea companies would be first arriving and began searching for the seat of the fire. Rescue 112 was initially tasked with locating the basement, as it was believed to be a basement fire. Crews determined that there was no basment and began focusing in the area of the chimney. As the Rescue began opening the walls around the chimney, the bulk of the fire was located.

Crews from Pittston Twp and Hughestown would work the interior area, while the rescue opened up the exterior area and vented the roof directly next to the chimney. The fire would be contained to the back portion of the building.
Photo courtesy R-112

Afternoon Fire in the City

(10/7/2009) Chief & Rescue responded into Pittston City for a working residential fire on Pine St. Original information stated smoke coming from a building, with PD providing additional info upon their arrival confirming the working fire.

Pittston City FD crews quickly got attack lines into service and make a hit on the main body of fire. Jenkins Twp. Ladder assisted with laddering and search of the second floor. Rescue 112 set up as RIT, controlling exterior utilities and venting the 2nd floor windows.

With the quick knock of the fire, crews were able to return to service within the hour.

Vehicle Roll Over on I-81

10/6/2009) Chief & Rescue, along with Dupont Engine and Avoca EMS responded to I81 Northbound at the 177 milemarker for a vehicle rollover with injuries. Luzerne County 911 advised responding units that the accident would be located within the construction zone.

Rescue 112 was first arriving, reporting all occupants out of the vehicle. Crews made initial contact with the patient, before transferring care to EMS. Crews then went to work controlling the hazards while awaiting PSP's arrival. Crews would remain on scene for approximately 40 minutes before returning to service. Photo courtesy Rescue 112

SUV into Utility Pole

(9/26/2009) Station 112 was sent to the corner of Main & Spruce Sts for a SUV into a utility pole with damage and fluids down. EMS arrived and reported all occupants out of the vehicle, with a utility pole split. Rescue 112 would continue into the scene to provide hazard control and assist PD with traffic.

Fire Police 112 would be dispatched to also assist with traffic, until the utility companies could arrive and assess the damage. Crews would remain on the scene for more than an hour.

Deadly Duryea Crash

(9/20/2009) The Chief & Rescue respnoded into Duryea for an early morning accident. Initial reports from 911 indicated that a vehicle crashed into a home in the 300 block of Main Street. Duryea Chief Hughes arrived and requested EMS units to expedite their response.

Chief Hughes confirmed no entrapment on the scene, but had the 112 units continue in to assess the structural integrity of the home's porch and determine any shoring needs. Chiefs VanLuvender and Matthews completed that assessmeent, before the 112 units returned to service. Unfortunately, the vehicle's driver would be pronounced dead at the scene. The Duryea units would remain on scene assisting the coroner's office and PSP R& I units.

Photo courtesy WBRE

Car into Pond - Not Quite

(9/4/2009) Rescue 112 was called on to assist Duryea Fire and Dive team for a reported car into a pond with a woman trapped. The exact location of the incident wasn't clear, so crews scrambled to check several areas of Duryea Borough in hopes of locating the incident.

After a few brief minutes, Luzerne County 911 was able to recontact the caller and obtained slightly better description of her location. Rescue 112 being staged at the Sewer Authority on Coxton Rd, quickly found the grassy lane the car traveled and made visual contact from the roadway.

Crews made their way to the car only to find the caller stuck in some mud, unable to further move the vehicle. The car was not into the pond and luckily, no lives were in danger. While crews were happy with the outcome, it left everyone scratching their heads as to how this woman ended up at this location.

Her fishing trip would be cut short by the incident.

Crews make quick work of Car Fire

(8/19/2009) Engine & Chief 112, along with Duryea Fire, responded to the 400 block of Grove St for a lunchtime vehicle fire. While enroute, PD advised of a fully involved fire.

Enigne 112 arrived to find a passenger van with an engine compartment fire. The Engine secured their own water supply and stretched the 1.75" trash line to begin extinguishment.

Duryea crews assisted with forcibly entry into the engine compartment so final extinguishment could occur. Crews then scrambled to quickly pick up before the thunder storm arrived.

Photo courtesy Tom Matthews, Jr.

Sunday Morning Wreck in Duryea

(8/16/2009) Crews were called to a mid-morning crash that sent two people to the hospital. The accident occurred in the 600 block of Main St. One vehicle failed to negotiate the curve, crossed the center line and struck a vehicle heading north bound. The 126 Engine Crew and 963 Ladder crew, assisted by 112 Engine( in place of the 112 Rescue) completed stabilization, controlled the hazards, and assisted in patient packaging. Crews stood by while Winn's Towing removed the vehicles. All fire units would be back in service within an hour, released by Duryea Command.

Rescue 112 was out of service at a Basic Vehicle Rescue class in Duryea at the time of the incident.

Photo courtesy Germania FD

Trailer Fire Burns Itself Out

(8/10/2009) During the area's first heatwave, the Rescue & Cheif were sent to assist Jenkins Twp. FD with a structure fire in the Heather Highlands trailer park. Initial reports indicated that the owner came home to find her house filled with smoke.

Crews arrived to find a smoldering fire in the living room area. The fire completely burned up a chair and portion of the wall before burning itself out due to lack of oxygen. The engine would stretch a line to cool the smoldering debris and remove the chair from the building. Rescue 112 controlled the propane system and stood fast as the RIT team for 15 mins before being released by command.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Sadly, several family pets perished in the blaze. Pittston City and Laflin FDs were also assisted on the scene.
Photo courtesy Jenkins Twp. PD

Pittston City Attic Fire

(8/7/2009) 112 would send the Rescue & Chief to assist Pittston City with a small attic fire in a Parsonage St. home. While responding, Pittston units would be advised by 911 that PD were on scene reporting a working fire. The 112 units would automatically move up to the scene to handle the RIT operations.

Upon arrival, crews found a small fire in the ceiling area at the top of the steps. The suspected electrical fire would be quickly doused, limiting its extension into the attic space. 112 crews would control utilities, assist in laddering the structure and open the rear attic gable vents. Chief 112 would handle accountability.

Units on Scene: Pittston Engine & Tower, Pittston City EMS & Rehab unit, Rescue & Chief 112.

Rescue Runs Airport Response

(8/3/2009) The Chief & Rescue responded to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport for an early morning run when a plane radioed into the tower reporting a loss of cabin pressure.

As first due units were responding, Airport Echo 1 reported that the plane would circle the airport and burn off some fuel before attempting to land. The plane had 49 staff and passengers on board.

Shortly after the Rescue's arrival, the plane would safely land with no injuries reported. The problem with the plane was found to be a door that wasn't secured correctly. The plane and its passengers would resume their journey a short time later.

Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

Quick Stop on Attic Fire

(7/23/2009) Several depts converged on a Market St home in Pittston Twp for a mid afternoon attic fire. Crews arrived to find smoke showing from the eaves and roof area of a single family residence.

Pittston Twp Engine would establish the primary water supply, while crews from Pittson City FD ran the first line upstairs to quickly extinguish the blaze. Pittston Twp Rescue would open the attic space from the exterior on the 'charlie' side while 112 rescue vented 2nd floor windows before heading to the interior to assist with overhaul operations.

Responding units included - Pittston Twp, Pittston City, Laflin and Avoca Fire depts. Pittston City EMS was also on the scene.

July Starts off Busy

(7/4/2009) While most were enjoying their holiday and getting ready for fireworks, the Rescue was on the road to Duryea, responding to a working structure fire on Ann St.

Chief Hughes (Excelsior) arrived soon after dispatch and reported a well involved detached garage with unknown extension into the main residence.

The Duryea Engine would arrive and put a good hit on the main fire with two 2.5" handlines. Rescue 112 would work with Duryea Ladder on checking for extension into the exposure buildings. The garage would be destroyed and the fire remains under investigation.

On Monday, July 6th, a first alarm assignment was sent to 219 Lehigh St in Avoca for the structure fire. 112 Chief & Engine arrived to find a garage fire which was already extinguished. Some smoke still lingered in the attached garage and crews from Avoca and Duryea would spend some time venting and overhauling the garage space. Quick actions by a passerby prevented the fire from extending beyond the area of origin. This fire was electrical in nature.

Photo courtesy Duryea Ladder

Crash Injures Two

(6/23/2009) Shortly after dinnertime, the Rescue would respond in place of Pittston Twp. Rescue to Rt 315 & Spruce St for a crash with injuries. Located at the entrance of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport, crews arrived to find two vans involved, with one rolled over onto its roof.

The Rescue would go to work to stabilize the vehicles before extricating the van's driver and transferring care to awaiting EMS units. Both driver's would be transported to local facilities by Pittston Twp and Duryea EMS units respectively.

The 112 Rescue will continue to provide coverage this week to Pittston Twp during the NorthEast Fair operating hours.

Photos Courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

One Rescued from Pittston Fire

(6/7/2009) Fire occurred in a three story multiple occupancy building in Pittston City. Initial dispatch indicated entrapment on the third floor of the building. Crews arrived to find fire showing from the upper floor, rear of building. One female occupant was spotted in a front window. Using Jenkins Twp's ladder truck, firefighters quickly removed that female to safety.

Crews made quick work knocking down the bulk of the fire, before spending the next few hours chasing the hidden fire. Rescue 112 would handle the RIT assignment with Chief 112 assisting with accountability.

Having a dozen firefighters on RIT, 112 would be asked to send a few firefighters to relieve interior crews with the overhaul operation. The Rescue & Chief would return to service around 2:30am.

One firefighter was injured and transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

Photo courtesy Don Hudzinski

Fire Guts Pittston Twp. Home

(5/26/2009) Rescue & Chief responded on the first alarm for a working residential fire in Pittston Twp. Early reports indicated a dryer fire with extension into the kitchen space. Pittston Twp. Engine 166 would arrive quickly to find fire throughout the first floor living space of a two story double-block home. Pittston City FD would be added to the incident.

Rescue 112 arrived and began initial truck ops. Splitting crews, the outside team would ladder the structure before heading to division two to vent and search. The interior team would assist Engine 166 with extinguishing the first floor fire before heading up the steps to knock the second floor fire.

112 crews would then work alongside firefighters from Pittston Twp, Pittston City, Laflin, and Germania to complete the extensive overhaul that was required to completely extinguish the blaze. West Pittston FD would handle the RIT assignment.

Watch Video Clip

Blaze Damages Avoca Home

(5/16/2009) Around 1:30am, the first alarm assignment was sent to the 1000 block of Plane St. for a working residential fire. While en route, Chief 112 would receive updates from PD and EMS of a working fire, with heavy smoke showing in the rear of the building. Engine 112 with a crew of eight, would establish water supply from the corner of Main and Plane Sts. The engine crew would stretch attack one to the rear of the building and begin the initial hit. Attack team one would extinguish most of the first floor fire before locating the stairs and heading up into division two. Meanwhile, Germania Engine would be next arriving and stretch attack two to the rear as well.

Attack two would hit some drop down fire in the basement as well as the side porch fire before heading inside to backup attack one. With Duryea Ladder and the Avoca Rescue handling initial search ops, crews found high heat levels on division two but no fire. Crews did locate several holes in the floors that were then protected by covering them with bedroom doors.


Photos courtesy Alicia Olshefski

String of Motorcycle Wrecks

(5/13/2009) Rescue 112 would respond to three separate accidents involving motorcycles within a 24 hr. period. Starting early on Tuesday morning, the mva box was sent to I81 North at the Avoca Exit for a motorcycle vs car. Later that evening, the box would again be struck, responding to the on ramp to I81 North for a motorcycle into the Jersery barrier. As units were responding, 911 advised the rider was not wearing a helmet and had obvious head injuries.

Wednesday evening, the box would again respond to the 200 block of Main St, for the motorcycle vs car. Units arrived to find one occupant still in the roadway with another patient located on a nearby sidewalk. All patients would be transported to GWV trauma center by Avoca and Duryea EMS units.

We sincerely hope this trend does not continue.

Mother's Day Fire Turns Deadly

(5/10/2009) The Rescue & Chief headed into Exeter for a working fire with reported entrapment. West Pittston Ladder arrived first, finding heavy fire conditions throughout the structure. First alarm companies would briefly experience some water supply issues, which were overcome by bringing additional companies to the scene.

Rescue 112 as the RIT team, would briefly go to work when it was reported that two firefighters may be lost within the building. The 112 group would split into three funtional groups - with Captain Mullen leading his crew to follow the path the firefighters might have taken, while Asst Chief Matthews would lead his group in a search of the basement. Additional members remained outside to provide any support that might have been needed. After a brief time, Crews were able to confirm all firefighters were accounted for and the RIT group would re-assemble at the their staging area after completing their PAR check.

The Rescue & Chief would return to service around midnight. Sadly, we learned that a 72 yr old resident wasn't able to make it out of the inferno. No word on the fire's cause at this time.

Photos and video courtesy Rescue 112

Interstate Wreck Turns Deadly

(5/4/2009) Rescue 112 would respond to Interstate 81 for the vehicle rollover with reportedly one person ejected. Originally dispatched as Dupont's coverage area, additional information would confirm it to be in Pittston Twp. Additional 911 calls also reported entrapment on the scene. Avoca EMS would be first arriving and confirmed one ejected with two confined within the vehicle.

Delayed by the traffic backlog, Rescue 112 would arrive to find Squad 143 already at work extricating the driver. Rescue 112 would complete stabilization and begin extricating the front passenger. Using hydraulic spreader and cutters, the door would be removed and patient care transferred to awaiting EMS units.

Due the amount of fire units on scene as well as interstate congestion, Rescue 112 would return to service as soon as all tools could be picked up. Crews would learn later that the ejected male would succumb to his injuries.
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS.

112 Assists with RV Fire

(4/13/2009) The Engine & Rescue would respond to assist Pittston Twp. FD with a mid afternoon RV fire on I81 Northbound @ Exit 176. Pittston Twp. arrived to find a working fire with all occupants out. By request of Command, 112 units would utilize the Suscon Rd. cross- over and travel south in the northbound lane to access the incident. While Pittston Twp. attacked the exterior fire, 112 Engine would handle the interior attack with a 1.75" handline.

Rescue 112 would handle ventilation and begin the initial overhaul. Crews would team up to clean out the luggage compartments as well as overhaul the rear interior portion of the vehicle.

I81 would be shut down as a result of the incident. Crews remained on scene for more than an hour extinguishing the blaze.
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

Tractor-Trailer Crashes on Turnpike

(4/10/2009) A mid afternoon wreck at the beginning of a holiday weekend, snarled traffic along I 476 Northbound. The accident occurred when a tractor trailer slammed into the Wyoming Valley Toll Booth on the Pa. Turnpike.

Crews arrived to find a large amount of fuel in the roadway, the driver trapped in the cab and a large overhead sign down onto a passenger vehicle. Rescue 112 would begin extricating the truck's driver, while crews from Engines 112 & 125 (Dupont) began containing the large fuel leak.

Luckily, the passengers in the SUV were not injured and the truck's driver would be transported to a local trauma center once extricated. Crews would utilize all of the 600lbs of oil dry from R-112 as well as booms and pads in containing the fuel. Companies would remain on the the scene for more than an hour.

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

York Ave. Crash Injures Six

(3/20/2009) A late evening accident left six injured. The accident occurred in the 600 block of York Avenue when a SUV crashed head on into a tree. Initial reports indicated six occupants with possible entrapment.
Rescue 112 arrived and went to work stabilizing the vehicle and beginning to extricate the trapped driver. Chief VanLuvender arrived and assumed command of the incident. Dupont engine would be on the scene as well as Engine 112. Due to the number of injuries multiple EMS units, both ALS and BLS, would be requested to the scene. Several of the victims would be transported to trauma centers in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.
Extrication would be completed in less than 15 minutes with all patients in the care of EMS.
Units assisting included: Avoca FD, Dupont FD, Duryea EMS, Avoca EMS, Pittston Township EMS, Hughestown EMS, Old Forge EMS, Medic 303, Medic 2 and ALS Units from Lackawanna County.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Fire Strikes Duryea building yet again

(3/14/2009) On March 17,2004, an arson fire destroyed a Duryea business located on Main St. Almost five years to the day, area departments converged on that same location for yet another fire. This time, the fire isn't considered suspicious. Its believed to have started as contractors were working to raze the burned out building.

Crews arrived to find debris burning in the basement area of the semi-razed structure. While the Duryea depts would handle extinguishing the blaze, mutual aid companies would assist in overhauling the area and ensure no additional fire spread occurred. Crews would remain on the scene for about an hour before being cleared by Chief Hughes.

Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Two Trapped in Duryea Crash

(3/3/2009) The Rescue & Chief responded into Duryea for the crash with entrapment, located near Duryea Auto Parts on South Main St. While enroute, EMS advised Rescue and ALS of the entrapment.

Rescue 112 arrived to find patient access already achieved by EMS and Duryea Engine. R-112, along with Duryea Ladder, would complete stabilization and begin extricating the driver and a pediatric patient who was located in the rear seat.

Using hydraulic tools, the driver's door was removed before crews moved onto cutting away portions of the vehicle's roof. Once a sufficient extrication pathway was achieved, both victims were removed and care transferred to awaiting EMS units. Extrication would take approximately 15 minutes from the time of Rescue 112's arrival.
Photo courtesy Rescue 112

Pittston Twp. Wreck Pins Two

(2/28/2009) Rescue 112 would be sent to Rt 502 in Pittston Twp to assist with extricating two victims of a vehicle rollover. The car left the roadway, hitting a parked dump truck before going airborne and landing on its roof. Both occupants were trapped in the vehicle.
Rescue 112 arrived to find Rescue 166 already at work. R112 completed stabilization and began setting up for a vehicle lift, which would be required to free the second victim.
Overall, the extrication of both victims would be completed in approximately 20 minutes from time of emergency services arrival.
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

West Pittston Blaze Damages Home

(2/20/2009) An early morning blaze damaged a Susquehanna Ave home in West Pittston. First alarm units were dispatched for a working residential fire, and arrived to find the single story ranch fully charged with smoke. As crews searched for the seat of the fire, they found a blaze that self extinguished in the basement, completely destroying one room before burning itself out.

Crews on scene would work for 90 minutes to overhaul the fire area and ventilate the building. Rescue 112 handled the controlling of utilities and forcing of several doors before standing "fast" for the remainder of the incident.

Units on scene included: West Pittston FD & EMS, Pittston City FD & EMS, Exeter FD and the Avoca Rescue.

Trash Fire Causes Some Commotion

(2/8/2009) A working fire in a trash bin attached to a building's inhouse compactor drew the response from multiple units this morning. Initial dispatch indicated fire in a compactor with exposure to the manufacturing facility. While enroute, updated information stated the trash bin had been pulled away with a truck, but was still on fire.

Pittston Twp engine would arrive and begin to extinguish the blaze. Rescue 112 would assist in pulling apart the cardboard, before being tasked with controlling the sprinkler heads in the building's compactor. 112 would request the compactor's power be locked out/ tagged out due to the amount of running water and also check for fire extension.

Crews would mop up and return to service in about 30 minutes.
Photo courtesy Pittston Twp. EMS

Rescue Keeps Busy at Two Incidents

(2/3/2009) Rescue 112 would be called into Old Forge Borough to assist companies with an underground propane tank leaking its product. Crews believed the tank to be holding more than 400lbs of propane at the time of the leak. R112 would assist with air monitoring as well as notifying nearby residents of the incident and advising of the voluntary evacuation initiated by Command. Crews would remain on the scene for nearly 4hrs until workers from the propane company could plug the leak.

Shortly after clearing the Old Forge incident, the Rescue and Chief would respond into Exeter borough for the working commercial structure fire. Due to being in Old Forge, R112 was not part of the initial assignment, but was later brought in to augment the Edwardsville Rescue as the RIT team. Upon arrival of the 112 crews, the building's second floor had already collapsed as well as portions of the building's side wall. The 112 companies would remain on the scene for more than 2hrs before being released by Incident Command.

Photo courtesy Luzerne County Forum

Fire in Five Story Multi-Occupancy

(1/25/2009) Another Automatic Fire Alarm spells trouble for local crews. This time, fire would break out on the second floor of a five story elderly hi-rise building in Duryea. Crews arrived to find near zero visibility in the affected wing of the building, with seveal occupants still in their apartments or out in the hallway. Duryea Ladder would escort three individuals from the fire floor and cleared as many apartments as they could, while holding the fire in check with a PW extinguisher. Rescue 112 would assist in searching apartments, removing another lady from the immediate fire area before heading to the 3rd floor to complete searches there. Another member of the 112 rescue would assist yet another women down the stairway to the victim staging area.

The first due engine companies would stretch from the standpipe connection on division one and completely extinguish the fire. Add't companies were brought in to assist in searching all apartments/floors and to help ventilate the building. Crews would endure frigid temps as the thermometer was stuck at 6 degrees at the time of initial dispatch.

Another Fire at Hillcrest Shade Co.

(1/14/2009) Crews would battle cold temperatures, snow covered roadways along with a basement fire at the vacant complex. The Old Forge dept was initially dispatched as a single company for a smoke investigation in the area.

Crews arrived to find smoke coming from one of the buildings at the vacant manufacturing complex. Chief 93 would request a full structure assignment, bringing the 112 Rescue and Chief along with numerous other units to the scene.

112 arrived to find the Old Forge companies already hard at work. Rescue 112 along with Engine Co 98 would be assigned to relieve crews in the basement of the facility. Both companies would work to hook the ceilings and douse the remaining fire. Crews worked for sometime to ensure no extension occurred before finally mopping up.

On scene units included the Old Forge department, Greenwood, Taylor Ladder and Avoca Rescue. Standing F.A.S.T. were Rescue 23 and Engine 143.

Crews last battled a blaze at this same facility in June 2008.

112 Goes to Work in Old Forge

(1/10/2009) Ten days into the new year and 112 catches their first job.

112 would clear the station for an early morning house fire in Old Forge. The Rescue would be the first 112 unit arriving, handling several assignments before heading to man an attack line on division 2. The Engine would arrive shortly thereafter, and be tasked wtih truck company work on Division 1. The engine company would pull ceilings, finding heavy fire still burning in the attic space.

Once the fire in the attic space was controlled, crews would work on mopping up the remaining hot spots.

Chief VanLuvender (112) would work along with Chief Molinaro (98) handling responsibilites at the command post. Chief Aulisio (93) would handle Operations.

Photo courtesy Hughestown FD.

Rope Rescue in West Pittston

(1/3/2009) What started as a high speed chase in Wilkes-Barre, ended with the 112 Rescue doing some rope work in West Pittston. The suspect drove his vehicle over an embankment to the Susquehanna River, before exiting and falling the remainder of the way down into the river. The suspect would sustain some injuries during his fall.

Police were able to get the man out of the water quickly, but it took crews from West Pittston FD and Avoca's Rescue to bring the patient back up the embankment. Crews would utilize a stokes basket and a 4:1 hauling system to retrieve the victim and transfer care to awiating EMS units.

This would be the first incident in 2009 where the Rescue would be put to work.

Units on scene included: West Pittston FD & EMS, Avoca Rescue, Pittston EMS & Medic 303

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