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  Busy, Cold Morning...


(12/18/2007) Before the morning would end, the Rescue would provide assistance on two working structure fires. The first alarm came in around 1am for the AFA at Signature Homes in Moosic borough. Crews arrived to find a large commercial building, used to construct modular homes, charged with smoke.

Crews used thermal imaging cameras and large area search lines to locate the seat of the fire and lead attack teams into position to extinguish the blaze. Crews battled near zero visibility, long hose stretches, a difficult building layout as well as cold and icy conditions.

A few short hours later, the Rescue would be sent into Old Forge borough for the working residential fire on South Main St. First arriving crews provided quick control of the 2nd floor fire. Rescue 112 would handle controlling some hazards in the adjoining apartment before returning to staging and assuming the FAST truck duties.

(Picture courtesy Adam Burke)

  Duryea - Car vs House...

(12/15/2007) Crews took a break from the feverish pace of Christmas Tree sales to respond the Rescue into Duryea Borough for the reported car into a house. Duryea Engine arrived and reported all occupants out of the vehicle. The Rescue continued into the scene to find that a front porch support column was dislodged during the accident, and the porch roof showed signs of movement. While the Duryea crews worked to control the hazards on both vehicles involved, the Rescue Co went to work shoring up the porch roof until such time that the homeowner can have contractors make permanent repairs.

Units on the scene included Duryea Engine and Ladder, Medic 303, Hughestown EMS and the Avoca Rescue.
And while mentioning the Christmas Tree sales, we are happy to report another successful season will soon be coming to a close. At this time, only 25 of the 250 trees are still available for sale. So hurry to make your purchase before all trees are gone!

  Rescue Due on City Structure Fire...

(12/6/2007) Yet again, 112 members braved the cold temps to assist Pittston City FD with a working commercial structure fire on S. Main St. City crews arrived to find a working fire in the rear of the building. Making an aggressive attack, they were able to keep the flames from spreading.

Rescue 112 setup the RIT staging area, placed several ground ladders, forced several doors and controlled the exterior utilities. The crew then stood fast as the RIT team for the remainder of the incident. The 112 companies would remain on scene for an hour before returning to service.

Units on the incident included Pittston City FD, Jenkins Twp FD, Avoca Rescue and Engine as well as Pittston City EMS.

  Rescue Handles another Crash...

(12/6/2007) For the second day in a row, the Rescue was sent out into the cold weather for another mid day crash. This crash occurblack on SR 2029 heading towards the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport. Responding units would find two occupants, both self-extricated. The Rescue would setup a safe zone using the Rescue itself along with traffic cones to control the flow of traffic. Hazards in both vehicles were controlled and assistance provided to the on scene EMS units with patient packaging.

Crews would assist in cleaning up the debris and the Rescue was able to return in less than 30 minutes. Units on scene included Avoca Rescue and EMS, Moosic EMS, Avoca PD and the Dupont PD.

This response marked the 450th time the department has been called upon to render assistance in 2007.

  Duryea MVA w/ Entrapment...

(12/5/2007) With light snow falling, the Chief and Rescue were dispatched into Duryea for the two car crash with multiple injuries and entrapment. Early reports indicated three occupants trapped in two different vehicles. Based upon this information, additional EMS and 2nd due Rescue would be requested by Duryea Command.

Upon arrival of Rescue 112, Duryea Ladder had already began stabilization and extrication of the SUV's driver. R112 was assigned extrication of the passenger car driver, who was heavily entrapped under the dashboard. Ensuring stabilization was complete, the Rescue Co. went to work using hydraulic rescue tools. The driver's door would be removed. Relief cuts were then made to the dash, allowing the dash to be lifted to free the lower extremities. The roof was then flapped back by the request of EMS to provide a more suitable extrication pathway. Crews from both Avoca Rescue and Duryea Ladder would be involved in the extrication, which took less than 20 minutes to complete.

 Rescue Rolls into Old Forge...
The Rescue and Chief hit the road early for a reported shed fire in Old Forge Borough. The alarm sounded around 3:30am, sending units from Old Forge, Taylor, Moosic and Avoca. Chief 98 arrived first and reported a 30x30 detached shed at the rear of the property that was well involved.
Engine 93 laid the supply line and began the initial attack. Several cars were also well involved. Avoca crews supplied lighting and members worked with Ladder 93 on overhaul as well as forcible entry into the vehicle's engine compartments. Crews operated for more than an hour before returning to service.

 Pittston Fire Draws Response...
(10/7/2007) Soon after clearing an AFA in Moosic, the Rescue responded into Pittston City for a structure fire on Wood Street. City crews arrived to find the fire located in a first floor bathroom of a two story residential dwelling. Crews quickly contained the fire, then worked on checking for extension to the upper floors while clearing the smoke condition from the building.
Rescue 112 returned to service after about 45 minutes. The AFD had 12 members on scene for the incident.

  When the "Heavies" get Together...

(9/29/2007) Members spent two weekends in September learing how to handle incidents involving large vehicles, such as buses, trucks as well as specialized equipment. The class taught students large vehicle anatomy, how to properly stabilize such vehicles, build platforms for working on elevated extrications as well as how to complete extrication in over and under ride situations.

Everyone who attended the class not only worked to the point of exhaustion, but gained much insight to the resources and capabilities needed to bring such an incident to a successful conclusion.

The class was sponsoblack by LCCC in cooperation with Keyser Valley Towing. Much thanks goes to both of those facilities, as well as to the Greenwood and Hazle Twp. Fire Depts for their participation in the clas.


  Rescue Responds on Wilderness Rescue...

(9/22/2007) The rescue was sent on a mid afternoon run into Jenkins Twp for the wilderness rescue following an ATV accident. The incident was located off of Westminister Rd, approximately 3 miles up the mountain. Rescue Crews had to contend with rugged terrain, and a very steep ascent up the mountain.

Once it was learned the rope equipment wouldn't be needed, the 112 staff assumed a support role in the rescue as well as manning the command post, which was established at the bottom of the mountain.

Crews were able to successfully rescue the victim with the use of Exeter EMS' Gator All Terrain Vehicle. The patient was stabilized and transported to an area hospital

112 Crews are pictublack taking a breather after the 3 mile hike into the woods.

  Early Morning Crash...

(9/9/2007) The Rescue along with Duryea EMS responded to a vehicle crash in the 300 Block of McAlpine St during the early morning hours. Crews arrived to find one passenger vehicle into a seveblack utility pole. The lone occupant was out of the vehicle upon arrival and in police custody. No injuries reported and Duryea EMS returned to service.

After handling the downed fluids, the rescue stayed on the scene until the Fire Police could setup traffic control devices, as this section of McAlpine St would be closed for some time due to the downed power lines across the roadway.

Units on the Box: Avoca Rescue & Fire Police, Duryea EMS, Medic 303 and most of Zone 'D'.

  First Due Kitchen Fire...
(9/4/2007) Quick actions by neighbors prevented a kitchen fire from becoming quite serious. The first alarm assignment was sent to 222 Lampman St for the reported kitchen fire. Upon arrival of Chief 112, neighbors evacuated the elderly resident, extinguished the fire with a portable extinguisher and chose to shut off power to the residence. We applaud the efforts of the neighbors and we should reinforce how important smoke detectors are in saving lives. The neighbors were alerted to the fire by the smoke detector activating within the residence.

Crews from Avoca and Duryea checked for extension, removed the stove from the residence, and completed ventilation of the structure before returning to service.

  Members Participate in Airport Training...

(8/04/2007) Several members of the department braved hot, humid tempatures to participate in an airport crash class. The class was sponsoblack by the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Intenational Airport Emergency Services Dept, and featublack a jet simulator from the Kellogg Community College based in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Crews participating in the class learned various aspects of Airport Crash and Rescue, as well as air service terminology and airport safety. Crews then braved the hot weather conditions to practice extinguishing jet fires, as well as working within and around the fuselage to make rescues of trapped passengers. The class was eight hours in duration, and was repeated over the course of three days. Along with Airport employees, members of several area mutual aid departments participated in the training excercies.

Structure Burn Class Completed...

(7/21/2007) The Avoca and West Pittston FDs teamed up to complete a 16 hour Structural Burn Class. Members from both departments traveled to the Schuylkill County Fire Training facility to complete the live burn evolutions.

Crews had opportunities to advance hose lines, work on ventilation techniques, throw some ladders and overall build on our teamwork.

Everyone who attended learned much from the skilled instructor staff, who shablack their experience and expertise with those in attendance.

We made a short photo slide show of the day's events. Click the picture to the left to launch the slide presentation.

  Old Forge Commercial Job...

(7/28/2007) A Saturday morning fire got the Chief and Rescue rolling into Old Forge Borough. The fire at the former Hillcrest Shade Co. sent units scrambling to make a quick knock down of the fire. While the Chief was assigned to the Command Post assisting with staging and accountability, the Rescue crew went to work on the inside to assist with the primary search, as well as cutting the floor decking as part of overhaul operation.

Departments responding included: Old Forge, Taylor, Moosic, Avoca and Dickson City. Several other Lackawanna County companies moved up to cover the empty stations. Avoca Crews operated for more than an hour at the fire scene before being cleablack by Command 93.

  Rescue Responds on Vehicle Fire...

(7/20/2007) The Rescue responded to assist Pittston Twp fire in the Grimes Industrial Park with a reported Tractor-Trailer fire containing Haz Mat. Upon their arrival, Pittston Twp fire reported a stake body utility truck on fire with an oxygen/acetylene system exposed to fire. A foam line was deployed, knocking the main body of fire down quickly. The rescue company assisted on handlines, as well as with overhaul of the vehicle.

Laflin FD also stretched a handline to complete extinguishment, as well as establishing the water supply.

On scene units included Pittston Twp Fire and EMS, Avoca Rescue, Laflin Engine and Luzerne County EMA.

  Duryea Pin Job...

(7/19/2007) The Rescue assisted Duryea FD and Avoca EMS with a vehicle crash on Foote Ave. The vehicle ended up off the roadway, lying on its driver's side in a drainage culvert. One occupent confined inside the vehicle.

Using Airshores, chains and a chain come-a-long, the Rescue Co stabilized the vehicle. Once stablization was completed, the pt was protected with an extrication blanket, the rear window removed, and EMS was allowed to gain access to the patient. Crews then went to work severing the passenger side A,B and C posts, completed two relief cuts, and flapped the roof down so that the pt could be fully immobilized and removed from the vehicle. Extrication was completeed in 31 minutes.

Assisting the Rescue with extrication was the Duryea Ladder while Germania Engine offeblack protection with a charged handline.

  Main St Crash...

(7/13/2007) The morning of Friday the 13th started early when the Chief and Rescue responded to the 900 Block of Main St for the two car crash with reported injuries. The Chief arrived and reported negative entrapment, rear-end type collision. The Rescue arrived and completed vehicle stabilziation and power control, before assisting with patient removal and packaging.

Avoca EMS transported two BLS patients to an area hospital.

Avoca Chief, Rescue, EMS and Police responded to the incident.

(Photo courtesy of Avoca Rescue)

  N. Main St in the City...

(7/9/2007) The 112 house was sent as part of the first alarm assignment to North Main St in Pittston City, for a building fire at the former Egan Oil Co. facility. City crews arrived to find a fire in the rear portion of the building, which was quickly extinguished.

While Chief 112 assisted with firefighter accountability, the Rescue group completed some forcible entry as well as filled out the RIT assignment.

This is the second city fire in less than a week for the 112 members.

Responding from the 112 house were the Chief, Rescue and Engine.

(Photo courtesy of Pittston Twp EMS)

  4th of July Job...

(7/4/2007) An early morning fire tore through a Pittston City building that burned back in April. Station 112 was sent as part of the initial assignment, sending both the Rescue and Engine with a total of 12 firefighters.

The 112 crews, already familiar with the building, initially assisted with forcible entry and ladders, while holding a crew at the ready as the RIT team.
Crews made quick work of the well involved building, returning the 112 companies in about 90 minutes.

On the Response - Pittston City FD and EMS, Avoca FD, along with the Duryea FD.

(Photo courtesy of Greater Pittston EMS)

  City Garage Fire...

(6/16/2007) An early morning fire destroyed a garage in the city and kicked off a busy morning for the 112 Rescue. The garage fire located off of Panama St in the city was well involved upon arrival of first in crews. The 112 Rescue arrived to setup the RIT staging area. Due to the condition of the building, 112 was asked to continually monitor the building's structural integrity while also supplying a crew to get some saw time cutting away the garage doors for the engine crew.

This fire kicked off a busy morning for the Rescue Co, who was sent into Moosic on a fire alarm as they cleared the fire scene, and a few hours later, sent back into the City for a mattress fire on Vine St.

On the Box: Pittston City Engine & Tower, Pittston City EMS, and Avoca Rescue

  Moosic Wreck Draws Response...


(6/5/2007) The Rescue was sent to assist Greenwood Rescue 98. with a two car accident in the 4600 block of Birney Avenue. As the 112 Rescue called enroute, Lackawanna 911 advised that extrication was underway.
The Rescue arrived and was assigned by Command 98 to assist in patient packaging and removing the driver of the pickup truck.
The patient was transported to the Scranton Trauma Center by Moosic EMS.

(Photo courtesy Greenwood Fire Dept.)

  West Pittston Accident...

(5/23/2007) Rescue 112 responded to Susquehanna Ave in West Pittston for the reported car into a garage with injuries. Initial reports from 911 indicated that there might be fire involved, as PD were reporting a smoke condition from the exterior of the building. West Pittston Engine arrived in short order, and reported that there was no fire, but Rescue 112 was to continue into the scene for shoring.

Rescue 112 crews arrived to find a car through a masonry wall in a lower level garage. West Pittston had the vehicle stabalized, and the 112 group went to work assessing the structural damage. Utilities were quickly controlled and airshores were put in place to stablize the cinderblock wall so that the towing company could remove the vehicle.

Responding Units included: West Pittston Fire, Jenkins Twp EMS, Medic 303 and Avoca Rescue 112.

  Something New and Someone Honored...

(5/20/2007) On Sunday, May 20th, the department took some time to celebrate both the purchase of the new 2006 Crimson Heavy Rescue, and also to celebrate the dedicated, storied career of Former Rescue Chief Robert Matthews. Chief Matthews has proudly served the Avoca Community for more than 50 years, and leaves a strong legacy, as both his sons, son in law and grand children are members of the dept.

Chief Matthews has served as the department's Rescue Chief, growing the Station 112 Rescue program from a converted bread truck into what has become one of the busiest, most advanced rescue companies in Luzerne County. Upon his retirement as Rescue Chief, the membership has since decided to retire the position of Rescue Chief, ensuring that Chief Matthews will be the only Rescue Chief in the history of the department.

Chief Matthews is pictured chauffeuring the 112 Rescue during the Dedication Ceremonies.

  Fiery Crash Tests the 112 Gang...

(5/12/2007) An early morning accident turned into a fiery mess that taxed local resources and closed the interstate for hours. A passenger car and a tractor-trailer carrying nearly 8,000 gallons of gasoline collided, and both caught fire. Crews arrived to find heavy fire conditions across both Northbound lanes.
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport provided a quick resposne to the scene by request of Chief 112 and attempted to extinguish the main body of fire, which proved unsuccessful. A decision was made by command officers to let the product burn off until the proper resources could arrive at the scene.
The fire was controlled within three hours, but the interstate suffered damage to both travel lanes.
EMS treated and transported one victim with minor injuries.

  Pittston Twp House Fire...

(4/27/2007) Quick response by local departments prevented a fire from damaging too much of a Ford St home in Pittston Twp. Station 112 sent a full response, arriving to handle primary truck operations. Pittston Twp Engine was first arriving and had attack 1 in service. Laflin Engine laid the supply line. The fire was located in the B/C corner of division one, and quickly knocked down by attack team 1. Crews spent the better part of an hour checking for extension and ventilating the building.

On the Box: Pittston Twp FD, Laflin FD, Avoca FD and Pittston City EMS

  Another Job in Pittston...


(4/24/2007) The Rescue and Chief responded to assist Pittston City FD at 162 South Main Street for a working fire in a second floor apartment. Crews arrived the find heavy smoke showing from the address side of the building. Given conditions upon arrival, Pittston Command requested a full 2nd alarm assignment for the incident.
Rescue 112 did some quick ladder work while establishing the RIT staging area. West Pittston ladder arrived and vented the roof.
Units on scene included Pittston City, Jenkins Twp, West Pittston, Duryea and Avoca.

(Picture courtesy WNEP TV)

  Pittston City Job...

(4/10/2007) Rescue 112 responded to a 3am fire on Panama Street in Pittston City. Upon arrival of crews, fire was showing from the 2nd division address side of the building. The building housed three apartments.

Rescue 112 held a group at the ready as the RIT team, while sending additional members to the roof for top side ventilation. 112 crews assisted initially with ground ladders and forcible entry along with controlling exterior utilities.

Companies responding were: Pittston City, Avoca and Jenkins Twp FD.

(Picture courtesy WNEP TV)

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